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Britney collab Playlist

I needed an excuse to burn Scream & Shout into a CD and listen to it in mah car so I made a playlist with all the songs that Britney has collaborated with so I thought I’d share. What do ya’ll think?

1. Scream & Shout :shockedd:
2. S&M
3. Till The World Ends (FF Remix)
4. Get Naked (I Got A Plan) Let’s face it… it’s pretty much a feature :tongue3:
5. Me Against The Music :hug:
6. Boys (Co-Ed Remix)
7. (Drop Dead) Beautiful
8. Sippin’ On
9. What It’s Like To Be Me (I know it’s not like a full on feature but JT is in it)
10. Pleasure You (I know :/) :yabye:
11. (I Got That) Boom Boom
12. Big Fat Bass
13. Crazy (K-Fed’s song)
14. I Will Still Love You
15 When I Say So (it has that verse with the guy “rapping”)

I almost put Dramatic feat Heidi Montag  :ugohome:  but I just couldn’t