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+ awww you’re so awesome 

I love everything about you and your blog

awww you’re so awesome

I love everything about you and your blog


"are you and hestheoriginal dating?" by Anonymous

LOL! no… I have never even met him in person. He’s just a friend and he’s taken. 

Sorry ladies, he sucks dick! 


+ I know, right? 

I know, right? 

+ Miley taught her well

Miley taught her well

I was 19, so suck it!

I said SOME, not all of you

I manage to do all three, some days.

aww! aren’t you special?…

omfg i thought you were sleeping im embarrassed

eww! why would I go to bed before midnight? I’m not 10

Just because you’re a britney fan doesnt mean you have to bitch about ARTPOP. Grow up.

I do what I want tho… if you don’t like it, tough luck little monster. I actually like the album, better than flop this way


"lol go to bed!" by saintlukas

I should but Perfume won’t let me… hahaha image

I did wake up like at 7 am today ahhaha I should be tired but I guess not :/


Hello new followers! How are you? :)

addressing your followers like a queen 

"OMGGG. WOW. Everything is censored! You can't even search curse words. They are going to go down the tube now... someone else will step in and make a new site and it'll be onto the next one." by tkyle

I know…. and the moment I found out that yahoo was taking ova, I was like “Oh s#!t… this is not gonna be good! tumblr is going down


Is what I think it’s about?

If you thought caca, you sir…. is correct 

This boy has has that on his blog for as long as I’ve known him. He should be ashamed.

he’s too busy talking to all his fans to have time to update his tumblr tbh

omg his albums slay

WORD! he’s the total package… Beautiful face and voice *melts*